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Look anywhere in Southern California, and you’ll probably see one of the most common sites in the vicinity – a major construction project in full swing. Often, you’ll also see rugged mobile construction cranes lifting the various structural components and setting them in place. No questions about it – if you want something built, these machines are indispensable. Which is why The Crane Guys has gone all out to develop a cutting-edge program of construction crane rental to accommodate a variety of projects. As with all our other services, this effort exemplifies our firm commitment to exceptional results and exceedingly high safety standards.

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You might say mobile cranes for construction really get around – literally. There are two sources of motion, both of which are located on a machine’s underbelly. One source is a set of wheels, which roll the machines to strategic positions as needed. A mobile crane also might get around courtesy of crawlers — similar to the type utilized by bulldozers. With these, a ‘crawler crane’ can navigate uniform ground. Through our program of commercial construction crane rental, The Crane Guys readily can supply clients with either type.

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Industrial Crane Rental

It’s important to know that mobility is not needed for every machine supplied through our industrial crane rental program. Sometimes, a stationary machine is the right choice, particularly for the construction of skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings. If that’s the case, the right solution will be found among our high-capacity cranes for commercial construction. One of these is known very appropriately as a tower crane. Because of its super high vertical extension, a tower crane must be built piece by piece. It also must sit on a layer of concrete to assure maximum stability.

Are you wondering if we’ll have the crane you need? Relax. Our program of commercial construction crane rental is supported by an extensive supply of machines having a wide range of lift capacities. Not only that, these workhorses have been built by the best construction crane manufacturers. Therefore, you can count on flawless performance and incomparable efficiency.

Mobile Crane Rental

You also can count on getting what you need for the lowest price in town. This ultra-competitive pricing is assured by a plan we’ve dubbed ‘The Crane Guys 5% Guarantee.’ Here’s how it works. If your project requires mobile crane rental, get some price quotes from any of our competitors. Then return to us with the numbers. Remember, we don’t limit the quantity of incoming quotes. So, go ahead — collect enough to satisfy your curiosity – and your pressing need for deep discounts. Once we have the quotes, we’ll crunch a few numbers, and bingo! – The Crane Guys will beat every one of them by 5%. A great way to save a bundle right off the bat. Without the risk of compromised service.

What areas are covered by our construction crane services? Our reach is quite extensive. We offer Los Angeles crane rental, Orange County crane rental, Riverside crane rental, San Bernardino crane rental and Long Beach crane rental. Clearly, when it comes to crane rentals in  Southern California, The Crane Guys will travel far and wide to provide first-rate service.

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