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The Crane Guys offers affordable storage for our customers. This includes storing deliveries of new equipment and storing old equipment for disposal or transportation. Our storage facility is safe, insured and secure with 24-hour surveillance.  The Crane guys offers scrap removal with crane service and is a Certified Appliance Recycler (CAR).

Appliances are valuable sources of scrap metal when they become obsolete or are no longer needed. However, some of the components in appliances contain materials that can cause health or environmental problems if they are not removed and properly managed prior to recycling.

California law requires that appliances, and certain materials within appliances, be properly handled. The details of the Certified Appliance Recycler laws can be found in Health and Safety Code Section 25211, et seq. A helpful factsheet has also been prepared.

The Crane Guys offer both indoor and outdoor equipment storage to a full range of industries. From telecommunications firms to HVAC companies, virtually any business can find a safe haven for equipment in our ultra-spacious environments.

Secondary Protection

But secure accommodations are only the first line of defense. Your equipment is protected by the presence of company personnel. Any time day or night, one of our dedicated teams is bound to be on the premises. Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing.

Your Company Gains a Major Edge

When not scrambling for equipment storage solutions, you’ll be fully focused on servicing those cell towers or replacing the HVAC units. This is a major relief that saves money and time.

Store it All

Pine trees, cell towers, shelters, cages, air conditioning units… If you’ve got the goods, we’ve got the vacancy.  That’s one of the perks of having miles of room.

Value Added Equipment Storage

equipment-storageThe Crane Guys offer complete trucking services to transport your equipment. This option is significantly less costly than reaching out to an outside trucking vendor.

Should you need anything on-the-spot, we even provide full welding and metal fabrication services for things like cages and shelters — which we’ll safely store until needed.

Ultimate Flexibility in Oversize Storage

As with all our other solutions, our acclaimed storage services offer customers ultimate flexibility that can fit a wide range of needs. This includes secure accommodations for oversize loads. The great part is, it doesn’t matter how wide, how long, or how heavy the load. It doesn’t even matter how long you need to keep your property housed at our facility. We offer short term oversize storage, long term oversize storage, indoor oversize storage, and outdoor oversize storage. We’ve got the right solution for every situation. Furthermore, with The Crane Guys as y our partner, you’re never stuck with one plan. Should you need to shorten or lengthen storage time, we’ll be glad to make the necessary adjustments. You’ll never be locked in when we’re in your corner.

Who might need our oversize storage facilities? Virtually any business or other entity that requires a temporary space for extremely large loads can benefit from our services. Among the most commonly stored items in the oversize category are industrial machinery and construction equipment. Of course, we’re not limited to these two categories. The Crane Guys is ready to help anyone with a monster load.

Storing an Oversize Load Including Transportation and Crane Lift

Now, we understand the thought of storing an oversize load can be overwhelming. After all, we’re not dealing with portable items here. There’s plenty of size and weight involved. And that suggests oversize costs to match the oversize load, right? Not at The Crane Guys. We’ve offer clients the ideal way to keep a lid on costs. And it applies to all our services, including oversize storage. We call it The Crane Guys 5% Guarantee. It works like this. Get some quotes from other providers. Then come back to us with the numbers. What we’ll do next will amaze you. So get ready. Because The Crane Guys will beat any competitor’s quote by 5%. No questions asked. No exemptions. No hassles. Just the best price in the known universe. This means, you can relax if there’s a change of plan. For instance, extending or shortening storage time. Or maybe switching from outdoor oversize storage to indoor oversize storage. You’ll still get the best price.

And think of the convenience of partnering with The Crane Guys. We cover virtually all of Southern California – and then some. So, you can depend on us to be available and ready to serve you.

24/7/365 Availability

Speaking of available, you can count on The Crane Guys to be ready, willing, and able to serve you, 24/7/365. That’s right. True to our commitment to exceptional customer service, we keep our offices staffed round the clock. As a result, when you reach out to us for assistance, an actual person will answer the phone. Not just any person, mind you. But a thoroughly trained member of our customer service team. That sure beats the alternative – a pre-recorded greeting that either A) puts you on hold as the sweet sounds of canned music fill your ears; or B) asks you to leave a message. Either way, there’s wait time to frustrate you. Not so with the instant service you get with The Crane Guys.

Yes, The Crane Guys go well beyond crane rental services with their top-level equipment storage facilities and services. Contact The Crane Guys to find out what our roomy accommodations can do for your equipment … and your disposition.

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