Indoor and Outdoor Oversize Storage Available

Have something large that needs a place to stay? You’ll be glad to know that first-rate indoor and outdoor oversize storage is available with crane and hauling. Just contact The Crane Guys, and we’ll make it easy for you to store even the largest items. No question about it. We’ve got the perfect place for your property. We’ve also got the team to ensure a smooth as silk experience. The minute you connect with this friendly group, their knowledge, skill, and experience will shine through. Which will make you feel confident and comfortable from the get go.

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Bear in mind, our oversize storage service includes the whole ball of wax – transportation and storage. So you’ll never be wondering how you’ll get it there and back. We’ll take care of the whole production – efficiently and safely. Worried about size limitations? Don’t be. We cover large equipment hauling and storage. So, there’s always room for what you have. For instance, let’s say you have an exceptionally massive piece of machinery that requires relocating. No problem. The Crane Guys are experts at machinery storage and transferring.

Crane Lifting, Load Rigging & Transportation

crane guys indoor outdoor oversize storage and haulingHow do we get it there and back? There’s actually a two-part answer to that question. First, there’s the equipment. No worries there. The Crane Guys has a wide selection of cargo lifting cranes – and a fleet of oversized flatbed trucks to haul it where it needs to go. Even if where it needs to go is a long, long way. Our transportation services cover the gamut – from short distances to long ones. As we do in all our endeavors, we simply don’t believe in limits. This applies to storage times, as well. For your convenience, we offer long term storage, short term storage, and everything in between. Feel free to store what you want, where you want, as long as you want.

Crane Rental Services

Naturally, there’s a certain amount of planning involved with the transportation and storage process. You see, it’s not simply a matter of loading cargo onto a truck and taking it for a ride. Every step is guided by precise calculations. To do the calculating, The Crane Guys has assembled a first-rate logistical project planning team. Trained to perfection, the team analyzes every variable to develop airtight transportation and storage plans unmatched for reliability. When we move it and store it with our crane rental service, you can bet we do it without a hitch.

As with all our other services, transportation and storage goes well beyond mere solutions to include an extraordinary customer experience. For The Crane Guys, nothing less than great will do. Which is why we provide clients with a pleasant surprise right off the bat. When you call our office, you’ll never get a recorded greeting asking you to leave a message. Nor will you get long wait times before somebody answers the phone. What you will get is a friendly representative ready to help. That’s because we keep our offices staffed 24/7/365 for crane rental. This includes holidays.

Transportation and storage shares one other advantage with our other services – the most competitive pricing on the planet. This is assured by our well-known Crane Guys 5% Guarantee. To take advantage of this program, simply do some comparison shopping. Go out, get cost estimates from our competitors, and come back to us. We’ll beat any of the prices by 5%. No questions asked.

It’s reassuring to know that indoor and outdoor oversize storage is available with crane and hauling. Simply reach out to The Crane Guys. We’ve got the vehicles, the cranes, the storage facilities, and the dedicated team that add up to incomparably dependable solutions and first-rate service… all year long. We offer Los Angeles crane rental, Orange County crane rental, Riverside crane rental, San Bernardino crane rental and Long Beach crane rental

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