Meet the Boom Truck

It rolls down the road, huge metal arm folded over its frame. Called a boom truck, the vehicle can lift everything from massive HVAC units to somewhat lighter telecom repair crews. As a leading crane rental service in Los Angeles, The Crane Guys has a full fleet of boom trucks ready for action, 24/7.

Most drivers have seen boom trucks parked here or there. Nevertheless, the trucks remain a mystery to the majority of motorists. What are these mighty vehicles really all about?

In simplest terms, a boom truck is a heavy-duty vehicle equipped with a winch for lifting major loads. This makes it similar to a crane. Where the similarity ends, however, is in the area of maneuverability. A boom truck can weave through job sits with startling smoothness. An ordinary crane is nowhere near this nimble.


While boom trucks provide major lift muscle for a variety of situations, two of the most common industries serviced are telecom and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

The versatility of The Crane Guys’ boom truck fleet is particularly advantageous for HVAC customers, industrial or residential. No matter how massive the HVAC unit, The Crane Guys has a boom for the job. Their fleet covers load capacities ranging from 3 to 40 tons, with a 100′ – 150′ tip height.

For the telecom industry, The Crane Guys’ boom trucks provide quick, responsive service suited to a variety of tasks. Cell tower repairs, for example, require the maneuverability of boom trucks to lift service personnel to precise locations.

How a Boom Truck Works

The typical boom truck is equipped with a winch mounted on the vehicle bed. If a crew lift is required, a personnel platform (aka ‘man basket’) is attached to the boom tip.

The four basic parts of a boom truck are:

Cab – Houses the operator, who works a control console to move the vehicle and boom into desired positions.

Elevating Cylinder – Hydraulic arm that lifts and lowers the boom.

Outrigger – Retractable component that supports the vehicle against the weight of the load while stopped.

Boom – The actual lifting arm. Parts slide inside the other to allow for height adjustments and storage.

Boom trucks definitely can take a major load off your mind and put it where it belongs. To learn more, connect with the team that knows boom truck and crane rental services, top to bottom. The Crane Guys – Any Load, Any Time.

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