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Quality crane rental and rigging is not easy to come by these days … or any other days. The provider of such services must possess the requisite knowledge, experience, skill, and dedication to meet a variety of challenges. Those in need of such services could spend hours, days, and weeks looking for such a highly qualified provider. Or they simply can reach out to The Crane Guys. We meet all the requirements with flying colors, a fact supported by an extraordinary track record and hundreds of accolades from a long list of very satisfied clients. It all adds up to a crane rental service that everyone can rely on.

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The focal point of any crane rental and rigging service is, of course, the provider’s fleet of cranes. Rest assured, The Crane Guys is well-stocked in this department. What does that mean for you, the client? Well, first our vast inventory ensures ready availability of the crane you need – when you need it. That benefit alone can be worth a mountain of cash. As everyone knows, every little delay can be brutally expensive. And delays caused by long searches for the right crane often are the costliest of all. Such searches can drag on and on, dinging the budget for enormous amounts. You’ll encounter no such problem with us. Our extensive inventory virtually guarantees you’ll always get what you need – without costly hassles or delays.

Crane Rental & Rigging Service

While quantity counts for a lot, it’s not the whole story. We couldn’t provide top-flight crane rental unless we matched an extensive inventory with a remarkable variety. Yes, one look at the lot will reveal a wide spectrum of cranes, with lift capacities ranging from 3-ton ratings to 265-ton ratings. This variety demonstrates our understanding of lift requirements and how these can vary dramatically from project to project. Thanks to the availability of cranes having a broad range of lift capacities, we can supply machine power to many types of projects — from the simple to the formidably complex, the latter often requiring the lift muscle of multiple cranes.

Boom Truck Rental

The Crane Guys complements its offering of conventional cranes with an impressive fleet of boom trucks. Given the frequent need for these vehicles, we’ve developed an exceptional program of boom truck rental. This service provides ideal solutions for projects demanding special access to tight or hard-to-reach spaces. Agile and quick, our boom trucks can thread their way into the most cramped spots. Once positioned, the vehicles easily provide needed lift for a variety of projects.

Among the most common boom truck users are the telecom and the HVAC industries. Utilizing these vehicles and assisted by man baskets, we can transport service to work areas to conduct repairs and other needed work.

No matter what type of machine is required for a project, anything to be moved must be secured by rigging. As with all other services, The Crane Guys maximizes safety by implementing meticulously planned rigging protocols capably supported by thoroughly trained crews.

The same holds true for all other support services, including flatbed truck hauling. The Crane Guys combines safety, training, and skill to ensure unsurpassed results in this and all other categories.

The good news is, we’re close by and ready to serve throughout Southern California. Our service areas include Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino – one more reason why you can count on us for quality crane rental and rigging.

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