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When you’re a busy crane rental and rigging company like The Crane Guys, you always face this question: How do you choose from the mind-boggling number of crane and rigging options? The success of every project depends on coming up with the right answer.

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In coming up with the answer, do we place more emphasis on the cranes or the rigging? Neither. Both rank equally at this crane rental and rigging company. We know that the right crane with the wrong rigging bodes major trouble. And vice versa. Delays, added costs, and safety risks are just some of the unwelcome results. Experience proves that it’s far more productive and far less risky to create the ideal matchup between crane and rigging. Therefore, The Crane Guys treats them as equals.

Because we put cranes and rigging on an equal footing, we make sure the two consistently work in tandem — well-coordinated and mutually-supportive. Our on-the-job success record demonstrates the soundness of this thinking.

Along with our unique perspective, expertise plays a huge role in the coordination of cranes and rigging. At The Crane Guys, this expertise is the result of three primary factors — thorough training, in-depth knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to excellence from start to finish.

Choosing the Right Crane Rental Company

Crane Rental and Rigging Company

It helps to have a wide selection of cranes at your beck and call. And The Crane Guys more than satisfies this requirement. Currently, our fleet is deep with resources, encompassing everything from 3-ton to 265-ton hydraulic cranes. But expect that number to climb – we’re always adding new members to the fleet.

With access to such an extensive selection, our team has very wide latitude for choosing the right crane. All needs and nuances are covered. Ultimately, our decision is based on a number of variables. Among these variables is crane type, lift-load, crane block, cost, and characteristics of project site.

Choosing the Right Crane Rigging Company in Los Angeles

The responsibility for choosing the right rigging falls squarely on the shoulders of our riggers. Qualified on many levels, our expert riggers know the capabilities of slings, spreader bars, pulleys, and all other relevant gear and how to coordinate all of it with the mass and weight of each lift load.

As a highly acclaimed crane and rigging company, we’re extremely selective when it comes to choosing personnel. Riggers shoulder a wide range of responsibilities, and only an indisputable expert can meet our exacting standards. What are some of the responsibilities of a rigger? First, these experts must set up the entire operation. All utilized equipment will be selected and positioned by this expert. This isn’t exactly a light duty assignment. The hardware will be lifting major tonnage for hours and hours. Careful and precise defines every step of the process.

Crane Lift Planning

crane guys california rigging and rental

During this crane lift planning phase, riggers will choose an array of slings, cables, and other assorted hardware. Additionally, these experts must ensure all equipment is in tip-top shape and ready for action. Deep concentration is a must.

Integral to equipment selection is load calculation. A cargo’s weight and size must be determined well in advance, and the equipment matched accordingly. All of this effort, of course, is designed to ensure maximum safety for each lift. Nothing is more important to our crane and rigging company.

To help maximize safety, riggers comply with a set of safety protocols established by organizations such as OSHA. In-depth equipment inspections, therefore, are mandatory. Should problems turn up, riggers get them corrected immediately. In fact, they’re often the ones performing the repairs.

But all of the foregoing is only part of the preparatory stage designed by The Crane Guys. Our riggers also must perform admirably out in the field. What they’ll be doing there is securing all the selected equipment to the crane load. To make the proper connection, these experts ensure the cargo is precisely balanced and impeccably stable. This keeps loads from swinging precariously — never a welcome site when you’re in the vicinity.

What our riggers also do out in the field is communicate important messages to crane operators and other involved personnel. They do so with a series of expertly delivered hand signals, which provide needed guidance to the individual sitting in the crane cab. The sole purpose of the signal display is to keep the operator on track, which in turn keeps the load moving in the right direction. All of this is possible thanks to the unique vantage point enjoyed by the rigger. Essentially, this expert has a wider view of the work site, allowing for a more detailed assessment of the environment.

To fully carry out their heavy rigging service, riggers communicate on another level, too. But not with hand signals. They also transmit various key messages in writing. Yes, along with everything else, our riggers have the responsibility of maintaining thorough inspection and maintenance records. In keeping with legal requirements, they also must record any unusual incidents occurring during a lift job. All of this clearly shows that our heavy rigging service goes much deeper than the deployment of equipment. What’s really central to the program is the quality of our personnel. Here at The Crane Guys, we’re pleased to say this is of the highest caliber. Credit the training they receive through our rigorous program, as well as the natural ability they possess. And you can throw in unwavering dedication, too.

Building Safety into Every Hydraulic Crane and Rigging Project

Rest assured, both our crane operators and riggers meet the highest safety standards when they’re on the job. Certifications from NCCCO, Cal/OSHA, and MSHA are among their notable qualifications. But it doesn’t end there. Everyone on the team receives ongoing training and education through rigorous certification courses. It’s how we remain on top of the game.

If you’d like to learn more about our crane rental services, please contact The Crane Guys for additional information and answers to all your questions. You’ll discover why we set the standard for crane rental and rigging companies in Los Angeles crane rental, Orange County crane rental, Riverside crane rental, San Bernardino crane rental and Long Beach crane rental, and all of Southern California.

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