Critical Lift Services

When providing crane rental service, every lift presents its own challenges and risks. But when a critical lift must be tackled, the challenges multiply all the way up to the moon. This is tough stuff to deal with, and only the most committed are up to the task. Fortunately, The Crane Guys has spent years and years perfecting the art of this monster of all lifts. For this reason, we believe our critical lift services stand strong in all key areas — efficiency, thoroughness, and above all – safety.

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So, what gets a crane rental lift the ‘critical’ designation?’ Well, the first point to understand is this — the term encompasses a wide range of possibilities. For instance, load weight might be the qualifier. Not any specific weight, mind you, but a clear-cut percentage. Here’s how it works: If load weight exceeds 75% of a crane’s rated lift strength, the operation is considered critical. End of story.

Multi-Crane Lifts

Critical Crane Lift ServiceWeight alone, however, isn’t the only determinant. Suppose, for example, we’re carrying out a multi-crane lift. This also is considered a critical lift. With two or more cranes coordinated for major lift action, intensive planning and flawless precision is a must. Without question, the endeavor demands the most of our team. And they give it without fail.

Is it possible for a crane operator to lift what can’t be seen? Difficult to do, but yes – The Crane Guys sometimes faces such a challenge. And it, too, qualifies as a critical lift. The cargo might be swung into an area where it is inconveniently obscured. Or perhaps it’s moved behind some type of obstruction. Whatever the circumstances, the lift is 100% critical.

Crane Lift Rigging

Surprisingly, a critical lift may have little to do with the crane itself. For instance, sometimes The Crane Guys must implement an unusual rigging configuration. This little departure from the ordinary makes the lift critical. It’s easy to see, therefore, that this designation covers a great deal of territory. Critical lifts are as varied as the cranes in our fleet.

Understandably, qualified personnel are the foundation of every critical lift service. Consider the importance of leadership and management. Somebody, after all, must determine whether or not a lift falls into the critical category. Or is it just another routine hoist. Such decision-making demands unsurpassed expertise, a critical eye, and in-depth training. At The Crane Guys, the qualities are abundant.

Crane Lift Planning

Once a lift gets the critical designation, thorough planning plays a crucial role. The Crane Guys’ planning team is well up to the task. We scrutinize a wide range of variables, including work zone conditions, required hardware, and crew size. Along the way, we’re capably assisted by the gold standard of lift technology – 3D Lift Plan. This advanced software enables out team to create a three-dimensional blueprint of a work zone, including anticipated conditions and physical characteristics. On this detailed rendering we can plot the intricate moves of crane and crew, incorporating details such as weights, distance, angle, and hazards. The result is flawless precision.

More importantly, this thorough planning ensures the greatest benefit of all – safety. By combining such
advanced planning with strict adherence to safety guidelines and thorough equipment inspections, we consistently excel in this area. Safety, in fact, is the cornerstone of our critical lift operations – and all other services. You can count on that with The Crane Guys.

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