Crane Lift Operators

Almost everyone has seen a crane roaring its way through a job. But few ever notice the people at the controls. Cranes, after all, don’t run on their own. Somebody must move all that machinery around. Those unnoticed people are known as crane lift operators. At The Crane Guys, we consider them the ultimate ‘smooth operators’. With good reason. These professionals are among the best in the biz. Naturally, they didn’t just arrive at our doorstep, polished and ready to go. It took training, extensive rigorous training, to transform them from aspiring operators to consummate professionals.

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Thanks to this thorough education, our crane lift operators are fully qualified licensed personnel, as are all members of our team. While getting educated, they’ve earned the industry’s most prestigious certifications, including those meeting the rigid requirements of OSHA. The upshot? When you choose us for crane rental, you’ll get more than reliable machinery. You’ll get extremely reliable personnel at the helm. How’s that for a confidence builder? Think of it. You just present your project, and bingo – it’s in the most capable hands on the planet.

But instead of just talking about the job, let’s meet one of these operators to better understand the duties involved. That way, when you choose us for crane rental service, you’ll appreciate what’s involved. As mentioned, an operator controls the crane, utilizing a combination of knowledge and experience. Much of their professional’s attention is focused on the boom – the crane’s extended armature that does the lifting. Booms may be lowered, swung, or extended, actions demanding the utmost skill and concentration from our team. Here’s where all that education really pays off.

3-Ton Rated to 265-Ton Rated Crane Capacities

crane guys crane lift operators and riggersCrane lift operators also must be unfailingly versatile. That’s because our crane rental service offers an extensive range of machines, each with a different power rating. Currently, our inventory features an array of machines with 3-ton rated to 265-ton rated crane capacities. Our operators must be ready to handle any of them, depending on the project. They also must have the skill to tackle unusual jobs, such as multi crane lifts. As you can see, a great deal of versatility is built into our mobile crane service. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about our adaptability. The Crane Guys can handle anything.

Boom Truck Rental

We also handle all the supporting services necessary for effective crane deployment. This includes boom truck rental, for those cramped space situations demanding a special kind of vehicle. And let’s not forget crane lift rigging, the service that focuses on keeping loads safely secured. Yes, we have a whole team of licensed personnel to carry out rigging assignments. Of course, every lift begins with crane lift planning, which is done to perfection by our team of master strategists.

Locations We Serve

Now you might be wondering about the locations we serve. Well, we offer crane rental in Los Angeles County, crane rental in Orange County, crane rental in Riverside County, crane rental in San Bernardino County and crane rental in Long Beach. Indeed, when it comes to crane rentals in Southern California, we definitely cover a whole lot of ground.

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