Airplane Gets New Kind of Lift

Ten feet is not a typical altitude for airplanes. But when your plane is a 150’ long, 140,000 lb. Airbus A310 that requires landing gear servicing, that’s exactly the distance the craft must be suspended above the hanger floor.

Called in for the hoisting job, The Crane Guys arrived at the hanger and assessed the situation. Clearly, only certain areas of the fuselage could be used in the lift. Utilizing these points would handle the imposed loads and prevent collapse. Adding to the challenge, The Crane Guys would have to operate their towering cranes within the hanger’s height limitations.

Preparations began. Detailed measurements were taken. Technical manuals were devoured. The intensive effort culminated in a 3D lift plan that factored in the plane’s configuration, weight, and hanger roof height. Clearly, this was a job for not one, not two, but three cranes – a 200-ton monster for the front, and two 90-ton cranes for the tail. This configuration also enabled the The Crane Guys to meet Cal/OSHA multi-crane lift requirements for crane chart reductions. The plan received immediate approval.

After a detailed briefing between The Crane Guys and their client, the crew mobilized. Cranes were positioned. Rigs were set up around the Airbus. Another briefing and a final check followed. The stage was set. It was time to begin.

The Lift Director immediately took the helm, monitoring and orchestrating every last detail of the complex operation. The biggest challenge? …Keeping the cranes in perfect sync as they lifted the plane from the hanger floor. Once the craft was suspended at the proper ‘altitude’, a crew placed heavy steel shoring beneath key points of the plane’s underside. This support ensured the safety of the servicing crew.

The operation unfolded without a hitch, beginning to end. Overwhelmingly pleased by the result, the client expressed the deepest appreciation for the pre-lift meetings, as well as the professionalism and expertise demonstrated during every phase of the project.

These experts can give your company a major lift, too. No matter what your crane rental needs, contact The Crane Guys when you want it done right … and right on time.

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