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The Crane Guys frequently provides boom truck rental services for a variety of projects. But these services don’t always involve simple crane lifts. Sometimes, entire crews must be lifted to otherwise inaccessible areas, allowing them to perform certain types of jobs. For this task, a bucket truck is required. The good news is, The Crane Guys offers an extensive selection of these specialty vehicles through our premier bucket truck rental services. As with all our other solutions, you can count on the very best when a bucket truck is needed. Knowledge, experience, and a fierce commitment to safety are all part of the equation.

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To appreciate our bucket truck rental services, it’s important to understand exactly what these vehicles are and what they do. First, as mentioned above, they are distinct from ordinary boom trucks. The generic boom truck is intended to lift non-human and typically very heavy loads. Bucket truck rental, on the other hand, supplies vehicles whose primary function is the lifting of human beings to specific destinations. Understanding this distinction is crucial to the process of vehicle deployment. Obviously, we don’t want to send in a cargo hoister when a people lifter is the proper choice.

Bucket Truck Rental ServiceOK, so it’s all about the people and where they’re lifted. So where are they situated once the action begins? During the job, personnel occupy what is known as a manlift platform. This sturdy ‘passenger area’ is fitted onto a hydraulic boom, which extends and rotates from the rear of the bucket truck. Thanks to our care and attention, we’ve made certain these personnel platforms (or man baskets) are the ultimate ‘safe space’. That’s because they’ve been outfitted with every form of protection and safeguard possible. Just another example of how far The Crane Guys will go to ensure safety on every job – not just for others but for our own.

Crane Rental Services

In certain instances, an ordinary truck and hydraulic boom aren’t sufficient to get the job done, particularly when crews must be carried to extraordinary heights – say, the upper regions of a towering building or similar structure. When this need arises, The Crane Guys must go beyond ordinary bucket truck services and offer special services featuring crane suspended personnel platforms. As the name implies, these platforms are attached to and hoisted by cranes. This service, of course, is a specialized type of crane lifting that demands all the important details, such as crane lift rigging, be implemented with meticulous care. Given their importance, crane suspended personnel platforms are an integral part of our crane rental services.

What types of industries typically use the services under discussion? One of the leading utilizers of these solutions is the telecom industry. Often, telecom companies will require either a standard bucket truck setup or even a crane suspended platform to elevate crews to specific work zones. Other frequent users of these solutions are the HVAC, construction, and even forestry services.

If you require bucket truck rental services or related services, you can count on The Crane Guys to be nearby. We proudly cover Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and other popular Southern California locales.

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