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The Crane Guys serves the public in a variety of roles. One is that of a crane rigging company. For us, crane rigging is a very, very big deal. Sure, our mobile hydraulic cranes take center stage when it’s time for a major lift. But without the support of reliable rigging, those mighty machines couldn’t lift a feather.

Key services such as telescopic boom truck rental depend on solid crane rigging support. For this, The Crane Guys employs only top-notch, fully-tested equipment. Also top-notch is our team of certified riggers. They have to be. On their shoulders is the responsibility for tying, hooking, threading, pulling, and generally readying any and all equipment needed to pull off a lift.

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For The Crane Guys, crane rigging is full-service, full coverage. No gaps, no cracks. When our crews arrive, they arrive with a full supply of rigging materials. This means every time and for any lift. Period.

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Large HVAC Rooftop Crane RiggingDepending on the job, the amount of required crane rigging equipment can really add up. Which is why this important gear gets its own first-class transportation. Following closely behind every crane is a support trailer loaded with needed rigging materials and tools. Commonly found in this cargo is vital equipment such as wire rope (cable made of metal wire), turnbuckles (devices for adjusting tension or length of cables/ropes), block and tackle (pulley system), clevis (u-shaped fastener), spreader beams and jacks (mechanical lifting devices).

Yes, we’re unfailingly prepared. This prevents havoc-wreaking delays and setbacks. When our crews arrive, they’re well-fortified with the full gamut of rigging supplies. Thus, we get the job done right and on time. No hiccups, no headaches, no hysterical phone calls to harried front offices.

This timeliness is not only good for your schedule; it’s good for your bottom line. As is well known, project delays often cause major budget drains (not to mention frazzled nerves). With every tick of the clock, more dollars fly out of your grasp. Thanks to The Crane Guys’ certified rigging services, the green stuff remains safely in your pocket. Comforting, isn’t it?

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It’s also comforting to know that our crane rigging services offer maximum protection to people and property. Major credit goes to the advanced safety protocols strictly followed by The Crane Guys’ team. Updated through ongoing training, our rigging personnel skillfully implement all critical safety procedures required for successful crane rental lifts. Certifications from Cal/OSHA and MSHA are among their many impressive credentials.

Do you need reliable crane rigging for a major lift? Don’t leave it to chance. Contact The Crane Guys to learn how our expert rigging offers you the optimal solution at the most competitive rate.

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