Rough Terrain Crane Rental

Not every construction project takes place on level ground. Often, such work is done on rough or otherwise inhospitable terrain. To meet this unique need, The Crane Guys has developed a first-rate program of rough terrain crane rental. As with all our other services, this highly regarded program offers solid solutions bolstered by the highest safety standards. When you require a crane to do its duties well off the beaten path, you won’t find a more reliable provider than The Crane Guys. Just ask any of our clients. They’ll unhesitatingly agree – we’re definitely ready for the rough.

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When providing solutions through our rough terrain crane rental program, we’re well prepared to handle a variety of ground conditions. Are you carrying out a project on muddy, rain-soaked ground? No problem. The Crane Guys have the perfect machines for the job. The same holds true for terrain covered with gravel or rocks. Our cranes are well equipped for the job. And best of all, we’ll have them exactly when you need them. Just look at our inventory. You’ll discover an extensive selection of superbly maintained cranes with a wide range of lift capacities. And even if you need an unusual machine not in our inventory, we’ll locate it via our vast network of industry connections.

Long Term Rough Terrain Crane Rental

Don’t worry about projects that stretch for months and months – or even longer. The Crane Guys will accommodate you with a program of long term rough terrain crane rental tailored to your needs.

But no matter what the project duration, you can bet any deployed machine will be well equipped for the looming challenges. For starters, they’ll have specially designed tires that supply superior traction, sturdy outriggers for stability, and extraordinary power to provide exceptional lift capacity. They’ll also have an important human element – highly skilled crane operators with years of experience. This combination of professional proficiency and sophisticated machinery is the hallmark of our crane rental service.

The Effectiveness of our Rough Terrain Cranes

crane guys rough terrain crane rental effectiveness

There are, of course, plenty of other factors that contribute to the effectiveness of our rough terrain cranes. As mentioned above, these vehicles are equipped with special tires that enhance traction on rugged ground surfaces. In addition, the wheelbase itself is wider than that of conventional cranes. The reason for this width, as you might have guessed, is to increase crane stability over uneven ground. Also, these wheels have greater height than those found on other cranes. This extra height gives them greater clearance above inhospitable ground.

It might surprise you to learn that a rough terrain crane generally is lighter than its conventional counterparts. The lightness promotes greater maneuverability over loose soil or other impediments to balanced traction. To help keep these machines suitably lightweight, they typically have only one engine to power all functions. Along with minimal weight, the other major factor contributing to maneuverability is the crane’s four-wheel drive engine. This, along with its lightweight construction make these cranes so agile that they often can work their way into forbiddingly tight spaces.

Unlike all terrain cranes, which we sometimes deploy, the rough terrain variety is meant solely for uneven ground. Which means, you won’t see it traveling down any highways en route to its work destination. No, these rugged cranes must hitch a ride. At The Crane Guys, they’ll be riding aboard one of the flatbed trucks in our fleet – the only way to travel if you’re a rough terrain crane. One more example of how we offer reliable solutions – and all the necessary supporting solutions. You just tell us what you need, and we’ll cover the rest.

We should mention that these unique cranes offer one other advantage – they help minimize site preparation time. You see, with conventional cranes, we go through a detailed preparation process to maximize the safety and readiness of a project area. This includes ensuring ground conditions are compatible with all cranes designated for a pending job. With rough terrain cranes, however, ground preparation isn’t as extensive. The machines can handle the rough stuff. Naturally, with less preparation time required, project costs drop commensurately. And guess who benefits the most. That’s right, our clients.

Construction Crane Rental

crane guys rough terrain crane rental first rateWhere might we deploy rough terrain cranes? You’ll find them in a variety of places. Construction sites, for example, are commonly serviced by these machines. In fact, these cranes are a major component of our construction crane rental program. Of course, they also may be found working hard in industrial factories, where heavy industrial equipment frequently must be relocated or removed. Mines, too, benefit from these versatile cranes, which have the muscle and agility to move mining machinery into difficult access locations.

Boom Truck Rental

Sometimes, off road crane rental requires a little bit extra to reach the impossible. For this challenge, The Crane Guys offers an exceptional boom truck rental program. Nimble and swift, our boom trucks can navigate forbidding terrain while maneuvering into the tightest spots.

Whether you need a rough terrain crane, a boom truck, or any combination thereof, they all provide one major advantage to clients. That advantage is – the lowest cost in town. No exaggeration. The Crane Guys will beat any competing price quote, any time. We can do this because, along with the best service on the planet, we’ve developed a systematized program that assures you, the client, an unbeatably low price. It’s called The Crane Guys 5% Guarantee. This isn’t some random notion. We’ve worked hard crunching all the numbers to come up with this masterpiece of cost saving strategy. And it means we’ll discount any competing price by 5%. So you’ll always get the lowest cost anywhere.

You needn’t worry about how we do it. All you need to do is go out and get some competing price quotes for the exact same service you require. Then when you’ve gotten your fill of numbers, return to us with the prices. What we’ll do next is beat every one them by a margin of 5%. End of story.

As an important component in our extensive mobile crane rental solutions, our rough terrain crane rental program accommodates a wide range of unique needs. It offers incomparable versatility, formidable lift power, and above all, exceedingly high safety standards, no matter what the project. Clearly, you’ll always be on solid ground when you select The Crane Guys for a rough terrain job. We offer Los Angeles crane rental, Orange County crane rental, Riverside crane rental, San Bernardino crane rental and Long Beach crane rental

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