Crane for Modular Buildings

Whether it’s a home, an office structure, or anything in between, modular buildings require the utmost attention to detail during the installation process. The Crane Guys understands this thoroughly. When we select any crane for modular buildings, we’re sticklers for a variety of critical details. Yes, there’s a whole lot involved with this very demanding process.

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Let’s start with preparation. Every deployed crane for modular buildings must be stationed in exactly the right place. They don’t just roll in and park themselves at the first convenient spot. For this reason, each crane must be positioned in a pre-designated spot. As in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location.

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Crane Service for Modular Buildings

The location is important for two reasons. First, the crane must be strategically positioned for maximum lift efficiency and safety. Second, the ground on which it stands must have the capacity to withstand the crane’s weight – as well as that of the modular building.

Who is responsible for the performance and safety of cranes used for modular lifts? That responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of our crane operators. They must be acutely aware of their environment, ever alert for any potential hazards or impediments. Strong winds, rainy weather, and other meteorological factors are just some of the variables they must keep their eyes on. Powerlines, too, must be considered – every crane must be a safe distance from all nearby lines.

As with all the other solutions in our crane rental program, cranes for modular lifts are carefully chosen. Different criteria come into play here. One of the most crucial is the weight of the individual modules. The lift-muscle of every crane must be appropriate for the pounds that will be hoisted and set.

For the Crane Guys, modular lifts are divided into phases. The first phase is the lift itself. Once our cranes arrive and position themselves in their pre-arranged spots, they’re ready for action … almost. Before beginning, our crew works with the site manager to make certain everything is OK with the foundation. If adjustments are necessary, they are made before we begin. If you’re searching for crane rental rates near me, look no further than The Crane Guys.

Once we get the green light, our crews connect the first module to the assigned cranes. For this, we can employ nylon straps, or sometimes braided cables.

In this type of lift, the setting of the first module is the most critical. It must be placed in exactly the right position – this positioning allows for the proper alignment of all other modules. Think of a jigsaw puzzle – if the first piece is even slightly out of position, the remaining pieces simply won’t fit properly. Clearly, our team must be on their toes when it comes to precision placement of the first module. Everything else depends on it.

Crane Service Lifts for Modular Buildings

When setting modular structures, we often rely on multi-crane lifts to carry out the job. The use of multiple cranes enhances our ability to achieve the necessary precision and safety standards demanded by every project.

All this precision lifting, of course, requires intensive planning. Crucial to this endeavor is the development of a satisfactory 3D lift plan. This is a software-generated, three-dimensional blueprint of the project area – a detailed preview that enables our team to factor in all critical data and plot the main crane movements well in advance. Thanks to this advance planning, we assure optimum performance from every deployed crane from modular lifts.

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