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The Crane Guys certainly has done a lion’s share of heavy lifting during its many years of successful service. Much of the credit goes to our extraordinary fleet of cranes and to our exceptional personnel who maintain and operate them. No question about it – this is an unbeatable combination. There are, however, times when work areas simply can’t be accessed by ordinary cranes. Fortunately, we can meet these unique challenges with our acclaimed boom lift service. No matter how difficult the access, no matter what the project scope — our nimble boom truck rentals will get the job done. And they’ll get it done while maximizing the safety of all people and property in the vicinity.

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What’s the most distinguishing feature of our boom lift service? No doubt, it’s the expertise of our personnel. Thanks to thorough training and unwavering dedication, every member of this team knows the territory inside and out. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them masters of their craft.

Our team’s knowledge begins with a thorough understanding of the trucks themselves. No easy task, as there are many types of boom trucks to choose from. Each has its own configuration designed to meet the requirements of specific situations and conditions.

Full Service Boom Truck Lift Rental

When selecting a boom truck, our strategists consider a full range of variables. We’re not talking color and upholstery. No, our team must evaluate crucial factors such as load weight, height to be reached, and vehicle placement. Some major calculations are involved.

Boom Lift OperationExpertise also comes into play during boom truck operation. Most people would consider cranes a bigger operational challenge than boom trucks. Drivers of the latter, however, would dispute this view. And with good reason. Often, a boom truck must navigate its way through narrow spaces offering limited access. This calls for unique skills shaped by intensive training, both of which apply to all our drivers.

What types of industries typically utilize boom trucks? Many benefit from these versatile vehicles. HVAC companies, for example, often rely on boom trucks to move equipment and materials to and from high locations. The same is true of the telecom and roofing fields.

Boom Trucks Fitted With Personnel Platforms

Interestingly, not every boom truck assignment involves object hoisting. Sometimes, workers must be carried to high places such as roofs and treetops. For these situations, we provide an array of nimble boom trucks equipped with personnel platforms — which sometimes are called man baskets. When these occasions arise, you can count on The Crane Guys for dependable man basket and personnel platform rentals and service.

You may be wondering if our boom lift service is available in your neck of the woods. The answer is – ‘very likely’. We cover a big chunk of sprawling SoCal territory. Currently, we offer Los Angeles County boom lift service, Orange County boom lift service, Riverside County boom lift service, and San Bernardino County boom lift service. But don’t think for a moment we’re necessarily stopping there with our boom truck crane rentals. As a forward-looking company, we’re always combing the region for new communities to serve. But no matter where we are, you can depend on us to provide the same great service. That’s a promise.

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