Rigging and Signaling

Some people might be surprised to learn that a crane rental program covers more than those huge lifting machines. Also part of the lift process are important support services such as rigging and signaling. At The Crane Guys, we have those two disciplines down to a science – and an art. That’s because we have a team of extraordinarily skilled and experienced personnel to carry out these duties. Not only do they consistently get the job done right; they get it done while maximizing the safety and protection of all people and property in their assigned work area.

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A major reason for our team’s outstanding safety record is the training they’ve received. Through our rigorous proprietary training program, they’ve all earned prestigious NCCCO certifications – the hallmark of consummate ability. But their education doesn’t stop there.  Our personnel continuously sharpen their skills by periodically taking the latest certification courses. If there were PhD’s for rigging and signaling, our crews no doubt would have them. Yes, there’s no such thing as too much knowledge at our company. You can take that to the bank.

Crane Rental Equipment

Let’s look at the two prime components of our rigging and signaling corps. You guessed it – riggers and signalers. Riggers have a major load sitting squarely on their shoulders because they’re dealing with another major load – the one that must be secured to a crane. How do these experts ensure secure connections? By utilizing the variety of equipment and tools at their disposal. This group of necessary items includes spreader bars, cables, slings, hooks, shackles, and ropes. Each piece of crane rental equipment has a specific function and application, requiring riggers to thoroughly understand these components from top to bottom.

crane guys rigging and signaling experts southern californiaNo less important is the job that signalers (a.k.a. flaggers) do on behalf of our crane rental service. Instead of focusing on equipment, their attention is concentrated on the surroundings of their assigned work site. Which means they’re diligently keeping track of a swirl of activity. The tool used by our signalers is a special, brightly colored flag. Signaling directions with this flag, they maintain the safe and orderly movement of traffic, crews, cranes, and various other elements in various stages of motion. As with riggers, signalers have received a first-rate education through our advanced training program.

Cranes and Operators for Hire

Of course, no crane rental service could achieve success without significant contributions from the people who guide and control the huge lifting machines – crane operators. The primary function of these experts is to lift, move, lower, and set in place massive cargoes. These cargoes can range from 15 tons to 265 tons — or more. To facilitate their lifts, crane operators utilize a sophisticated system of hydraulics that efficiently focus energy to hoist all those heavy loads. Interestingly, the work of these operators doesn’t begin when they climb into a cab to launch a lift; it begins by conducting a thorough inspection of the crane they’ll be using.

Bear in mind, no matter how skilled our crane operators are, they’d never get a load off the ground without two important facets of our crane rental program — rigging and signaling. At The Crane Guys, we’ve developed these indispensable support services to the highest level possible… just like all our other services. We offer crane rental in Los Angeles County, crane rental in Orange County, crane rental in Riverside County, and crane rental in San Bernardino County.

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