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What makes a great crane rental agency? The Crane Guys believes many factors come into play. Among them is availability. Yes, getting the crane you need when you need it is a big deal when facing crucial time pressures. Which is pretty much all the time. Rest assured, The Crane Guys understands the importance of being available with the right solution. Consequently, we’ve developed a program designed to meet wide-ranging needs quickly and efficiently. As in right now. We’re not saying we deliver at the snap of a finger. But we’re close.

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Depth certainly plays a role when it comes to ensuring availability. In that regard, The Crane Guys gets the prize. We have it all, no matter what the situation calls for. Just feast your eyes on our inventory. You’ll discover dozens and dozens of mobile cranes available at the drop of a hat. The same holds true for our extensive fleet of hydraulic cranes for hire, as well as our boom truck crane services. Vehicles galore. If you need it, we’ve got it.

Now, what about those unique loads requiring a very special form of transportation? Yes, we supply that, too. For unique cargo, we offer complete flatbed trucking and hauling services. Just tell us where you want it, and we’ll take it there without delay.

Crane Rental Agency Service

Speaking of unique, we also cover those special situations that you just can’t prepare for. So relax. The Crane Guys offers complete 24-hour emergency service for a wide range of needs.

Certified Crane Rigging Personnel

But it’s more than machines that drive us down the path of success. Also contributing to The Crane Guys winning ways is the human factor. Take, for instance, our team of certified rigging personnel. When it comes to professional rigging, they own the territory. Thanks to their thorough training backed by the industry’s highest certifications, these seasoned professionals are true masters of the rigging arts. Preparation, knowledge, and an uncanny eye for detail guides their every move, ensuring results unsurpassed for safety and efficiency.

Equally capable are the certified crane operators bringing their skills to our team. Easily standing at the top of their class, they’ve earned a wide range of prestigious certifications, including that awarded by OSHA.

Perhaps you’re wondering if we service your community? Probably. The Crane Guys covers a wide swath of Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County.

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Whether you require boom truck rental, the power of a large hydraulic crane, or something in between, The Crane Guys will be easy on your budget. In fact, we’ll beat any competitor’s written bid by 5%. Just call The Crane Guys for an estimate. You’ll see for yourself how our competitive rates will save you a bundle.

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