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From placing and installing structural steel to hoisting up HVAC systems, the installation process requires uncommon expertise. Not surprisingly, those overseeing such projects often need a crane to get the job done. But don’t worry. Do you need a crane for installation? Call The Crane Guys. It’s that simple. Right off the bat, your call will be answered by an actual person – not a frustrating answering machine. No waiting for service. No costly delays. You’ll immediately discover that we’re the crane contractors who understand your needs and respond promptly to fulfill them.

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Among the installation solutions offered by The Crane Guys is heavy crane service. This service deals with the largest projects – the really, really big stuff. Structural steel installation falls into this category. Such an installation often comes into play during new construction projects. Typically, the prospective structure has a framework of structural steel. Bridges, high-rise buildings, and the like frequently utilize this material. Of course, structural steel requires some major muscle to move it into its designated place. That muscle is provided by a hydraulic crane. Being a powerful workhorse, the hydraulic crane has a major role to play in our crane rental program. Which is why we stock plenty of them. You never know when demand will skyrocket. When it does, we’re always ready.

The Right Cranes and Best Operators

Crane for an InstallationDuring the crane selection process, we consider many criteria before making our choice. Structural steel installation is exacting work. We want to make sure the right machine is chosen, delivered, and deployed. Variables we might consider during this phase include project scope and conditions of work site. We leave no stone unturned. The Crane Guys is detail-conscious to a fault.

You can bet we’re equally meticulous with every other type of installation project, such as equipment installation. A good example of this is our unique method of setting HVAC systems into place. Such installations are among the most challenging, since these systems often must be lifted to the tops of very high places. The roof area of a high-rise building is one of these out-of-the-way installation points. Fortunately, we have the skill, the team, and the hardware to get the job done. That means get the job done right and on time.

Crane Rental Services

Sometimes our crane rental services must accommodate unusual installations. And not all these extremely challenging projects take place where the sun shines brightest. For instance, there’s underground vault installation. Such vaults often house extremely important components, like electrical circuitry. Naturally, when installing these structures, safety is the utmost concern. Fortunately, you can rely on The Crane Guys to ensure the highest safety standards on these, or on any other types of projects. For us, safety always has been a priority, and always will be.

Are you wondering if we cover your area? If you’re in Southern California, that shouldn’t be a concern. We offer Los Angeles crane installation, Orange County crane installation, Riverside County crane installation, and San Bernardino crane installation. So, do you need a crane for installation? Call The Crane Guys. You can count on us wherever you are.

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