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When tackling a project, a crane lift service such as The Crane Guys typically has tons to hoist – and tons to do. Surprisingly, not all the doing takes place during the lift phase. In fact, a big chunk of our time is earmarked for carrying out preliminaries and preparations. For us, what takes place behind the scenes is just as important as what takes place at the scene.

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Consider, for instance, the process of crane rental equipment maintenance. No question about it. Proper maintenance is critical for success. That’s because this preparatory step ensures reliable operations and minimal breakdowns, the latter being a great way to delay a project and balloon the budget. Won’t happen on our watch. Not when we’re so meticulous about maintenance.

Let’s look at what maintenance means to our crane lifting service. Is it a matter of glancing at the engine and kicking the tires? Not with a crane it isn’t. We go much deeper to service the multiple parts needed to carry out a lift. Each of these components must be kept in superb working order. If even one piece slips out of sync or starts to malfunction, the lift comes to an abrupt and time-consuming halt.

Crane Lift Services

High on our maintenance list is the boom. The most noticeable of crane components, a boom is that lengthy, extendible metal arm used to maneuver and reposition cargo. Occasionally, the boom receives an attachment, just to make things more complicated. Known as the jib, this piece connects to the boom tip and helps keep loads clear of the crane.

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When servicing a crane, our maintenance crew also deals with integrated balancing mechanisms. Why are these important? Well, unbalanced cranes tend to lean forward in a most dangerous fashion — never a favorable prospect when major tonnage dangles high overhead. To minimize this risk and maximize stability, counterweights sit comfortably on the base of a crane. These, of course, must be maintained. So must the rotex gear (swivels cab and boom), the hook, the steel cable, and the outrigger (used for load-balancing). Thanks to the routine servicing each receives, their mechanical performance is almost newsworthy. Lifts take place without a hitch. And your worries vanish.

With high performance virtually assured, clients can be confident in their choice of cranes. And what a phenomenal choice we have in the showroom. Shining in brightly is an impressive selection of cranes, their strength levels ranging from 3-ton capacity to 250- ton capacity. Select us for your project, and odds are you’ll get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

What you won’t get is price pain. You see, The Crane Guys offers clients their nearly world-famous Crane Guys 5% Guarantee. It works like this – grab an estimate from any competing crane rental service, then flash it in our faces. We’ll beat the quoted price by a robust 5% discount. That’s a commitment you can count on.

OK, so we’ve covered mechanical reliability, crane availability, and deep discounting. Now there’s only one other question you possibly could be asking – “Does The Crane Guys offer crane lift service near me?” Well, if you’re in Southern California, there’s a real good chance we do. The Crane Guys offers crane rental in Los Angeles, crane rental in Orange County, crane rental in Riverside County, crane rental in San Bernardino County, and crane rental in Long Beach. Guess you could say we really get around.

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