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Crane lifting is both an art and a science. At least it is at The Crane Guys. The artistic side of our service is evidenced by the intuitive feel we have for every situation. We just know what needs to be done and our crane rental teams are available 24/7. That ability probably stems from the extensive experience we’ve accumulated practicing our craft. Years and years of it. The scientific aspect, on the other hand, is reflected in the thorough planning and in-depth calculations we do prior to the commencement of every job. Every action and configuration is strategized with pinpoint accuracy. Put this science and art together, and you have the safest, most efficient crane service in all of Southern California.

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Crane Lifting ServiceSo let’s start with the scientific side of our crane lifting services. This side, as mentioned above, involves the formulation of an airtight crane lifting plan. Two elements come into play during this rigorous process. First, there are the innate capabilities of our resident strategists. These capabilities have been finely honed through years of experience melding perfectly with the considerable skills of our team. Perfected through a unique program of thorough training, the skills have been developed to the highest degree.

3D Lift Planning

But, of course, human beings, no matter how talented, often derive enormous benefits provided by technology – the second element. Our team is no exception. The technology utilized by these strategists is a handy piece of software known appropriately enough as 3D Lift Plan. This application does exactly what its name implies – assists in the creation of a three-dimensional graphic representation of the proposed project site and all its features. Included in the representation is topography, possible hazards, layout, expected weather conditions, etc.

With this data shaping the background, our strategists ‘insert’ a crane and all other relevant equipment into the scene, calculating every move in advance. This dress rehearsal for the main event enables our team to preview the action with uncanny realism – all in three dimensions. Should adjustments be needed, they’re made in this simulated world, not the real one.

Crane Rental Service

Clearly, when you select us for crane rental service, you’re getting the benefit of extraordinarily thorough planning. You’re also getting unmatched convenience and responsiveness. In fact, we like to think nothing could be easier than arranging crane lifting services with The Crane Guys.

What makes the process so easy? Let’s start with availability. Waiting in our yard is an extensive selection of lifting machines, including mobile crane rental, with ratings ranging from 3-tons to 265-tons. And if you need a unique bit of equipment that’s virtually impossible to locate, we’ll find it. You see, The Crane Guys is connected to a vast network of other providers. In the rare event we don’t have what you need, one of them surely will.

Boom Truck Rental

And don’t worry about performance. The Crane Guys meticulously maintains all machines and supporting equipment in our vast inventory. This includes everything from a crane lifting basket, to boom truck rental, to the mightiest hydraulic crane. All of it gets top treatment.

Now, you might be asking yourself the obvious question – “Do The Crane Guys provide crane lifting services near me?” The answer is very likely ‘yes.’ We service virtually all of Southern California. Basically, we’re as close as you are.

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