CPA Contract Lifts

With a major lift project to deal with, you have more than enough on your plate. Understandably, you don’t want added responsibilities dropped onto your shoulders. For you, there’s the CPA contract lift. Basically, this means that virtually all aspects of a crane lift are managed and implemented by your chosen crane rental company. When it comes to handling this wide range of possibilities, The Crane Guys is tops in its class. This should come as no surprise, as we’ve been at the game for many years – enough time to perfect our craft to the highest level of excellence.

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CPA Contract Lift

Why can you feel confident about a CPA lift provided by The Crane Guys? We’ll begin by examining what those 3 letters stand for. ‘CPA’ is an abbreviation of the phrase Construction Plant Hire Association. This organization provides strict operational guidelines to crane rental companies. The CPA designation indicates that every aspect of a lift, from rigging configuration to equipment movement must conform to these extraordinarily high standards. Thanks to our experience, dedication, and skill, we achieve these standards on all levels.

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In fact, we go one … no, many times better in many aspects of a lift. Take, for instance, the insurance coverage we carry. Not content with bare minimums on anything, we protect clients and their projects with 5 times the required insurance coverage. We’re not taking any chances.

Advanced Safety Protocols

This extreme caution also is reflected in the advanced safety protocols we employ. By adhering to these protocols or guidelines, we ensure the highest level of safety in all aspects of a crane lift. Among the areas covered by these protocols are: proper placement of barricades, protective equipment and clothing for crews, equipment testing, load calculation, and connection of hoisting gear. The list of covered items goes a long way. And every item is governed by the highest standards thanks to our adherence to advanced safety protocols.

Along with safety measures, a CPA contract lift covers virtually everything pertaining to actual lift operations. That’s quite a laundry list. Leading that list, of course, is our highly-acclaimed crane rental program. You’ll find nothing lacking in this department. The Crane Guys inventory includes everything from 3-ton rated cranes to 265-ton rated cranes. The more muscular of our lineup get special attention in our 100 ton crane rental program. This covers any machine rated for 100-ton lifts and above.

CPA Contract Lift Service

Crane Rental Service

Naturally, our crane rental service provides more than muscular cranes. A wide range of other solutions automatically are included in a CPA contract lift. For maneuvering in and out of tight spaces, our boom truck rental program assures maximum efficiency. Complementing the other services is our crane lift rigging program. When a situation calls for spreader bars, chains, and any other important connection, our rigging services consistently come through.

For The Crane Guys, a CPA contract lift also means never worrying about clean-up. Once the lifting is done, our flatbed oversize hauling services provide a safe, efficient means for removing all leftover debris.

But that still doesn’t cover everything. By offering hydraulic crane rental, we also offer all necessary preparations. These preparations include sophisticated crane lift planning and its adjunct – the acquisition of crane encroachment permits.

Clearly, a CPA contract lift from The Crane Guys provides much more than first-rate crane rental. For those interested in a soup-to-nuts service and peace of mind, it’s the ideal, hassle-minimizing solution.

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