40 Ton Crane Rental

No load is identical. Some cargo requires the lift-muscle of the most powerful crane; others are fine with a lighter-duty machine. For the latter purpose, The Crane Guys has developed an incomparable 40 ton crane rental program.

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When you select us to provide one of these lighter-duty machines, you’ll more than appreciate our offering. Our selection alone will wow you. Our 40 ton crane rental program is amply supplied by an extraordinary inventory of high-performance machines. Reliability is a given. Each one of these cranes has been maintained and serviced to the highest standards, ensuring flawless performance from start to finish. Have a load to lift? We’ve got the crane.

Boom Truck Crane Rental

Boom Truck Rental

For the Crane Guys, however, lift muscle-isn’t enough, especially when tight spaces are involved. When square-footage is limited, maneuverability is imperative. So, we’ve developed a first-rate program of boom truck rental. Each vehicle in this distinguished squad epitomizes maneuverability. Nimble, quick, and energetic, our boom trucks go anywhere.

Boom trucks are superstars in the realm of rooftop crane services. You might, for instance, need to relocate an HVAC system. No problem. The vehicles employed for our HVAC crane services are ready for the task.

Clearly, we deliver the goods when it comes to lift machines. That, however, is only part of the story. Being a first-rate crane company, The Crane Guys considers all facets of a lift project. Consequently, we’ve designed a comprehensive program of support services. Consider these the icing on the cake.

Crane Rigging

Among the most important of these services is rigging. Virtually any job requires the implementation of a sound rigging strategy. At The Crane Guys, each strategy is capably carried out by expert riggers qualified by industry-recognized certifications. These include the prestigious OSHA certification. Just another example of the care and effort we expend on every job.

Crane RentalsIn fact, this care and effort goes beyond the actual lift. It goes all the way to the final scrap of debris. You see, The Crane Guys doesn’t like messes any more than you do. And we won’t leave you with one. Once the crane has done its duty, our cleaning operation commences. For this purpose, we offer lowboy trailer rental and flatbed heavy hauling services. Designed for a variety of load sizes, these vehicles carry the mess far, far away. The only thing left behind is a spotless work zone.

Crane Lift Planning

Remember, no load can move an inch without the guidance of an air-tight lift strategy. At The Great Guys, strategies are formulated during crane lift planning stage. We like to think of crane lift planning as a dual-level process. On one level are the members of our planning team. Each is an expert in the art and science of plotting out intricate crane moves and coordinating them with all other aspects of an operation. On the other level is technology, most notably exemplified by software called 3D Lift Plan. By combining finely-honed expertise with the software’s ability to create 3D blueprints of a work zone, our team can see what lies ahead and plan every move with uncommon precision.

Equally capable is our crane lift permitting team. With these experts on the job, you can be sure of quick authorizations and minimal delays.

Remember, our comprehensive services apply to all crane needs, not just to 40 ton crane rental. And we do have the cranes for every need. In our inventory is just about everything under the sun. You can choose from a large, diverse fleet of cranes, with 3-ton rated to 265-ton rated capacities.

Where does The Crane Guys offer its acclaimed 40 ton crane rental services? Throughout Southern California. Areas served include Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County. And all just a phone call away.

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