Operated Equipment Rental

You say you need powerful machinery to lift major cargo, but you don’t have the personnel to operate it? Clearly, you require a service that provides reliable operated equipment rental. The Crane Guys is that service. A mainstay throughout Southern California, we supply not only the cranes and other useful hardware; we also supply the operators to make it work. These experts are not just button pushers and lever pullers, mind you. They are experts trained to the highest standards. Whatever you need lifted, moved, or repositioned, the job will be handled with consummate skill by our acclaimed professionals.

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At the Crane Guys, we think of operated equipment rental as a total package. Along with reliable crane rental, you get an expert adept in the art and science of moving very large objects. This might not sound so important at first. But for us, the pairing is crucial. It’s one thing to operate a crane; quite another to understand the inner workings of the mighty machine inside and out. Our crane operators have this understanding, allowing them to establish a kind of synergy between technology and human. When our operators climb into the cab, they know exactly what the machinery will do, an insight that eliminates many frustrating and costly surprises during the course of a project.

Crane Lift Rigging

Operated Equipment RentalsCrane rental isn’t the only service that benefits from skilled, insightful operators. Our crane rental service includes a wide range of other important solutions. Heavy life rigging is one of them. Riggers are a crucial component of our operating team. It is they who bear the responsibility for connecting hardware such as spreader bars and other equipment to vehicles such as boom trucks.

Boom Truck Rental Services

And speaking of boom trucks, The Crane Guys has the best available for any project. As with other solutions, the providing of boom trucks is a package deal – you get the hardware and the operator all at the same time. For this assignment, operators have unique qualifications that distinguish them for special duty. You see, they must do more than lift heavy cargo – a challenge in itself. They also must navigate into the tight, impossible spaces that boom trucks often are called upon to access. These are the kinds of work spaces often accessed on behalf of the cell phone industry or the HVAC industry. We’ve seen a lot of action from these two groups.

The Crane Guys also gets a fair share of truck hauling assignments. For this, we offer flatbed trailer rental for a wide range of load types. As you might expect, we also provide the expert operators needed for these vehicles – trained, of course, to perfection.

Perhaps you’re wondering – “Is there such a crane service near me?” A fair question, and one with a gratifying answer – yes! The Crane Guys provides operated equipment rental to virtually all of Southern California. We offer crane renal in Los Angeles County, crane rental in Orange County, crane rental in Riverside County, and crane renal in San Bernardino county. Basically, everywhere.

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