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When running a mobile crane rental company such as ours, you’ve got to be ready to tackle any project. Fortunately, The Crane Guys is one of the readiest providers on the planet. Take, for instance, our ability to handle lift projects requiring a special kind of reach. For these jobs, only a boom truck equipped with a boom lift will do the trick. To meet these unique needs, we offer a comprehensive program of boom truck rental that ensures optimum results. This program is supported by a capable staff known for their exacting standards and wide-ranging talents.

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To really understand our boom lift truck rental solutions, it’s important to have a fundamental knowledge of some basic components. Let’s start with the central piece of equipment in the operation – the boom lift itself. Every boom lift truck has one of these metal armatures, which enables us to improve our reach both horizontally and vertically. It goes without saying that this equipment is exceptionally maneuverable. But this is only part of the picture. If you look at the end of each boom, you’ll see a metal platform sometimes known as a man basket – a very appropriate name. That’s because riding on the platform is the work crew we’re lifting to whatever it is they must service.

Boom Truck Rental

the crane guys boom lift truck southern californiaWhat types of work might these crews perform thanks to our boom lift service?  Almost any assignment carried out high above the ground. We’re talking way, way out of ladder range. Maybe workers will be applying their talents to the installation or removal of an HVAC system. Our boom truck rental will take them where they must go. Or maybe crews will be installing signage high above the roadways. They’ll get there smoothly with The Crane Guys supplying the transportation. The same holds true for the painting of high buildings, servicing of cell towers, and the installation of decorative lights. There’s nothing like a first-rate truck boom lift rental program to assure success.

Crane Lift Planning

The Crane Guys have options when it comes to choosing a boom lift. Our crane lift planners may determine that an articulating boom is best suited to a prospective job. This type of armature can bend, giving it great maneuverability. On the other hand, a telescopic boom may be the better choice. This is a straight, sturdy armature. While it can’t bend as its counterpart does, the telescopic variety can support more weight. Not surprisingly, our planning team considers all the variables when selecting a boom type. It all depends on the situation.

Before deciding on a boom type, our team asks many key questions to determine the best choice. During this evaluation process, they’ll want to know the range of movement required. They’ll also be asking questions about lift height, number of passengers, type of material transported, total weight, local conditions, workspace dimensions, and various other crucial topics. When you’re operating a premier crane rental program, this is just the type of detailed analysis you must do. The Crane Guys does it all the time.

You might be asking yourself an obvious question – “Does our company offer boom lift bucket truck rental near me?” First, you needn’t be in a busy metropolis such as Los Angeles. Yes, we offer boom lift rental in sprawling Los Angeles. But we also provide lift boom lift bucket truck rental throughout Southern California. Along with Los Angeles crane rental, we offer Orange County crane rental, Riverside County crane rental, and San Bernardino crane rental. Indeed, we go far to help you do the same.

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