The Crane Guys gives NatGeoTV’s Tim Shaw a crane lift

Crane Lift – Tim Shaw of the show “None of the Above” calls on The Crane Guys to assist him with “a lift” as he explores how many vacuum cleaners it takes to hold up a station wagon. The episode is called “Super Suction” which will air on the National Geographic Channel on March 20, 2014 at 9:30 p.m ET (Check your local listings). Tune in to see who wins, the car or the vacuum cleaners.

None of the Above: Super Suction

None of the Above - Crane Lift for Tim ShawAbout the Show
Tim Shaw takes his own irreverent brand of science and engineering to the streets of America as he looks to amaze and dumbfound in equal measure. He challenges the people he meets, and the audience at home, to predict the outcome of a series of ever more spectacular experiments before uncovering the science behind the jaw dropping outcomes

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