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Trucking and Storage from the Crane Guys

The Crane Guys has a diverse fleet or trailer truck rental which primarily support our Crane service. These trucks and trailers are also available as individual rental equipment to meet the needs of our customers. We can provide flatbed shipments, local and long distance deliveries, drop decks and lowboy trailers to assist in moving over-dimensional cargo and heavy equipment.

addition to our cranes and rigging services, The Crane Guys, LLC provides comprehensive trucking and storage services. We have a fleet of trucks at the ready to handle all of your flatbed truck rental needs. From over-dimensional shipments, full trailer or less than full trailer loads, to local and long-distance deliveries, drop decks, and more.

Our qualified, certified riggers and signal people are available to assist with large loads and equipment transfers, at an additional cost. We are experienced in handling all types of equipment removals, installations, construction loads, and HVAC placements and removals.

Here at The Crane Guys, LLC we do not expect your work, we appreciate it and work very hard to keep you coming back as a return customer. Our mission is to set the standard in safety, customer service, and employee development. Our focus is on continued training and education for all of our staff, enabling us to provide you the best service in the business.

Our trucks meet all California and national safety standards and a regularly inspected. Our drivers abide by all industry rules and regulations; we keep our promises to you and we do so with safety in mind. The safe transportation of your shipment is as important to us as the safety of our drivers and equipment.
We have the following trucks in our fleet to serve your needs:

  • 12 foot Flatbed truck rental
  • 26 foot Flatbed truck rental
  • 20 foot Trailer rental
  • 30 foot Trailer rental
  • 40 foot Trailer rental
  • 48 foot Trailer rental
  • 65 Ton Lowboy Trailer rental

Storage – The Crane Guys offers affordable storage for our customers. This includes storing deliveries of new equipment and storing old equipment for disposal or transportation. Our storage facility is safe, insured and secure with 24-hour surveillance.

Scrap Removal Service – The Crane guys offers scrap removal with crane service and is a Certified Appliance Recycler (CAR).

Appliances are valuable sources of scrap metal when they become obsolete or are no longer needed. However, some of the components in appliances contain materials that can cause health or environmental problems if they are not removed and properly managed prior to recycling.

California law requires that appliances, and certain materials within appliances, be properly handled. The details of the Certified Appliance Recycler laws can be found in Health and Safety Code Section 25211, et seq. A helpful factsheet has also been prepared.

The Crane Guys, LLC is a fully licensed, insured and certified company. Feel free at any time to request any of our insurance information; or, you can also request to be additionally insured.

The Crane Guys offer secure indoor and outdoor storage solutions to keep your equipments safe until needed.

We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. You can always reach us at:

Telephone: 877-357-2729
E-mail: office@Craneguys.com

“Nobody provides better customer service. Nobody.”
~ Wes Staley, Owner

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