Crane Guys Solution is Par for the Course

Golf carts, clubs, tees… 175 ton hydraulic cranes? Well, those last items are exactly what The Crane Guys brought to a golf course. But that’s what you bring when you need to lift 130′ golf course driving range poles weighing a mere 32,000 lbs. Also on hand were a 40-ton boom truck equipped with a man basket for lifting the personnel who would carry out rigging duties.

The objective was to set a series of poles for a driving range netting system. Apparently, the poles presented the project’s highest hurdle. This was a job for not one, but two cranes.

Right off the bat, The Crane Guys needed to even things out. At least, on the grounds themselves. Parts of the course were so uneven that the cranes would be resting at a tilt unless they got help. To keep the cranes stable, extra cribbing was utilized. Cribbing, or blocking, utilizes components made of wood or other material to provide support.

But uneven ground was just the first shot. Pole length presented even more difficulties. The solution devised by the Crane Guys? Position the poles close to each crane. Such closeness kept the poles within easy reach of the cranes.

As with all two-crane lifts, supreme precision was necessary to keep these two from interfering with each other. This pairing would have to be positioned just right, allowing each other sufficient maneuvering space.

Fortunately, The Crane Guys team completed this mission like true champions. Despite the less than ideal conditions, the crew managed to maintain lift safety throughout the golf course crane service project. But then, what else would you expect from such acclaimed professionals?

This renowned crane rental team can come through like champions for you, too. No matter what your golf course crane service needs may be, contact The Crane Guys when you want it done right … and right on time.

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