The Crane Guys Gives Medical Science a Major Lift

The Crane Guys seldom gets an opportunity to help in the advancement of medical science. But on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, our crane rental service got the chance. Happily, we hit it out of the park.

The place was the University of Southern California. USC had ordered a new 7T Magnetic Image Resonance machine for use in Stevens Hall. This building houses the university’s Mark and Mary Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute, a leader in neurological research.

One of the MRI machine’s key components, an extraordinarily large magnet, was to be delivered separately. But this presented a particularly formidable challenge. In size, the magnet was 27 cubic feet and a hefty 22 tons. Carrying it into the building clearly was out of the question. So were delivery trucks. The only option was lowering the magnet into the building via crane.

Crane Lift USC

USC confidently selected The Crane Guys to carry out the lift, a decision based on our reliability, safety record, and competitive pricing. We eagerly accepted the mission and immediately got to work making preliminary preparations. For instance, all roads in the building’s vicinity would have to be closed. Work zones typically aren’t the best locations for passing motorists, especially when massive steel magnets are hovering overhead.

To the average spectator, the project might seem relatively straightforward – lift and lower. Done. But this lift, as with all others, was the culmination of intensive planning. Our specialists spent hours calculating, analyzing, and evaluating myriad details to maximize the safety and efficiency of this crane operation. Once compiled, the information was formulated into a solid lift plan. All contingencies were covered.

Hydraulic Crane Rental

For the operation, The Crane Guys employed a brawny, 200-ton hydraulic crane commandeered by an expert crane-operator. Drawing on years of training, the operator guided the colossal magnet over the building’s rooftop, through an opening, and down into a designated room. After preparations, the magnet was to be installed in the MRI machine. When the lift was completed, our USC clients were more than pleased. (So were the many spectators, who had gathered in a safe area to watch the drama unfold.)

The lift was a unique accomplishment for The Crane Guys, primarily because the load itself was unique. What we delivered is the only such 7T MRI machine in North America. Furthermore, it is the only model of the machine used for investigative research – in the world. The MRI’s advanced technology will provide researchers with highly advanced images of the human brain. In the coming years, this data will facilitate a new understanding of many neurological functions and conditions.

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