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A major lift looms. Next on your checklist — schedule crane service to commence and complete the job. So where do you turn for prompt results? A good place is The Crane Guys, the ultimate solution for extreme crane lifting challenges. We offer a full range of crane lift services to address your needs including rigging, support vehicles, certified personnel and let’s not forget our vast array of cranes ranging from 3 ton to 265 ton. And best of all, The Crane Guys integrates right into your plan, job site and requirements. Success guaranteed.

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The Crane Guys stocks a large, diverse fleet of cranes and flatbed trucks ready to accomplish any task. Whether you need boom truck Rental, hydraulic crane service, flatbed trucking, or any other solution, we have the best options waiting in the wings. What won’t be waiting is you. Ready with a full stock of available cranes, The Crane Guys delivers prompt service.

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Some of you will challenge us vigorously – OK, you’ve got tons of hardware ready for action. But do you possess the people-power to take it across the goal line? The answer is yes – experts come bundled with every piece of machinery we supply. Our crane rental service includes certified crane operators, support vehicles, and rigging personnel if needed.

Let’s look at our certified operators. This group knows cranes, and they know how to make all that metal do just the right thing at just the right time. The result is precision operation at the highest level of efficiency. But then, what else would you expect from people so well-qualified? The credentials of our crane operators are numerous and include those awarded by OSHA.

The same qualifications are evident in our certified rigging personnel. As with operators, these experts are qualified by the industry’s most prestigious certifications. When they rig a crane, precise, safe connections are the result.

No matter what challenge requires you to schedule crane rental, smile, don’t stress. With The Crane Guys, ready help is a given. We provide 24-hour support all year long, always connecting you with an actual person. Never will a prerecorded message reach your ears. They’re just not part of the program.

Sometimes our best work isn’t done in the work zone… it’s done on our own turf. When you’ve got things to put away, you can rely on our outstanding temporary storage facilities. Whether you seek space for new equipment, old equipment set for disposal, or any other large item, our storage solutions provide a secure, safe environment protected by 24-hour surveillance.

What about your budget? Don’t worry. We promise the best pricing in the world. It’s called The Crane Guys 5% Guarantee – we’ll beat any written offer from a competitor by 5%. Period.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact us for additional information and answers to all your questions. You’ll discover that The Crane Guys is the optimum solution when you must schedule crane service in Southern California.

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