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3-200 Ton Cranes

Large fleet of versatile cranes available to meet your needs. No job is too big or too small!

Great Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service Every Time!

Safety First!

The Crane Guys is committed to safety through constant training and awareness.

3D Lift Plans

The Crane Guys can simulate the entire lift and provide a 3D Lift Plan to save time and increase efficiency on the jobsite.

Crane Guys News

  • Airplane Gets New Kind of Lift

    Ten feet is not a typical altitude for airplanes. But when your plane is a 150’ long, 140,000 lb. Airbus A310 that requires landing gear servicing, that’s exactly the distance the craft must be suspended above the hanger floor. Called in for...
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  • The Rock Stars of Crane Rental Service

    Not many companies can be called “The rock stars of crane rental service.“ The Crane Guys, however, definitely qualify. The honor came about thanks to one of the company’s ongoing customers – a rock plant.  The plant’s business is breaking down rocks...
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  • Crane Guys Solution is Par for the Course

    Golf carts, clubs, tees… 175 ton hydraulic cranes? Well, those last items are exactly what The Crane Guys brought to a golf course. But that’s what you bring when you need to lift 130′ golf course driving range poles weighing a mere...
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  • The Crane Guys Prove the Sky’s the Limit at Music Festival

    For The Crane Guys, meeting challenges is par for the course when providing expert crane rental services.  But this would take challenge to a whole new level. The spot was the Coachella Music Festival. As part of the event, Forever 21 was...
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  • We are 3D Lift Plan Specialists!

    As always, The Crane Guys’ dedication to safety means implementing all the necessary requirements of the advancing crane rental industry like 3D lift plans to ensure only the best for our clients. With safety, efficiency and value in mind, we proudly set...
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